Kulturociklin na UNESCO International Arts Education Week-u

Kulturociklin na UNESCO International Arts Education Week-u

Kao reprezentativni primer iz regiona, Kulturociklin, zajedno sa svojim idejnim tvorcem i voditeljem, Sandrom Maksimović, izabran je za predstavnika dramskog obrazovanja u Srbiji na Unesko Internacionalnoj Nedelji Dramskog Obrazovanja – UNESCO International Arts Education Week.

Rad ove grupe prikazan je na Platformi https://en.unesco.org/commemorations/artseducationweek

Tekst prenosimo u celosti:

“I wish to thank you again for your participation in the communication campaign in the framework of UNESCO’s celebration for the 2021 International Arts Education Week. Over the past year, learners and educators had encountered numerous challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we have also witnessed the role of arts and creativity in sparking resilience and solidarity in individuals and communities during this challenging time. We believe that your testimony represents the tireless endeavours of the many arts educators around the world in ensuring culture, arts and education never stop.”

Ke Leng, Programme Coordinator, Cultural Policies and Development Culture Sector,

Sandra Maksimovic is a drama teacher in Serbia. She has witnessed how the pandemic crisis has emphasized the importance of art education to nurture empathy through engagement with and participation in artistic activities. The pandemic has also been an opportunity to research the issue of mental and emotional health and the rights of learners, as well as explore new forms of communication and education. Over the past year, the group CureForCulture (KULTUROCIKLIN in Serbian), created in 2017, put on a play “CureForCulture 2m” with her present and past students, which is about how children have been coping with the COVID-19 pandemic on the basis of their personal experiences, video materials and research about new ways of working. Another of her projects has been to invite audiences to directly participate in searching for new spaces of dialogue in diverse formats.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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